The Star Trek original series Bluetooth Communicator is Back!

Pre-orders open starting 10-18-2021.


Stand by for incoming transmission
It’s the news that every Trek fan has been eagerly waiting for: The Wand Company's premium original series Communicator replica is back in production. To mark the original series’ 55th Anniversary, the Wand Company has dusted off its communicator tools and put them back to work. The new communicator will be manufactured to the same exacting standard as the highly accurate original, created from precision 3D scans of the last remaining hero prop. There are however a couple special changes that mark out this new production run as something a bit different.


Captain this is Sulu – we read you
The first thing you’ll notice is that the packaging has changed. In keeping with the premium nature of this fully functioning display-grade collectible, the new packaging now has a strikingly simple premium look that is also “in-universe”, echoing the look and feel of Starfleet-issued equipment. Black on black, the matte-laminated card is over-printed with a graphic representation of the communicator in high-gloss UV varnish with only the blue telltale, product designation, and mission specifics space printed in color. It’s a stand-out look.


bluetooth communicator


Live long and prosper
Open the box and everything is as you would expect. The reassuringly accurate communicator nestles inside its specially designed hard-shell transit case, protected by soft molded polyurethane rubber trays. However, flip the golden grille, turn it on and click or toggle either one of the buttons and you will notice another big change – there are 17 new audio clips to enjoy.


star trek original series bluetooth communicator  

Beam us up Mr. Scott
The previous communicator used carefully selected phrases spoken by the Enterprise crew in a way that was designed to enable interactive cosplay. The new voice clips, taken directly from the original series audio, have been chosen as the most iconic words spoken by the Enterprise crew. Recognizable everywhere and guaranteed to delight any Trek fan, who could fail to love Spock’s unmistakably gravelly voice asking Scotty to beam him up, or the dry wit of McCoy reminding everyone that he was only a doctor, not an engineer.


We’ll be with you in a moment… Enterprise out

The new communicator will be available with very limited quantities in late 2021 with additional stock arriving in Q1 2022.


Pre-orders open starting 10-18-2021.


The new classic voice clips are:
Kirk – "Stand by for regular contact... Kirk out.", "This is the Captain speaking" , "We'll be with you in a moment... Enterprise out."

Spock – "Beam us up, Mr. Scott.", "Spock here. Status of your landing party?", "Live long and prosper.", "Curious... most illogical."

McCoy – "I'm a doctor, not an engineer.", "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?", "Look! I'm a doctor, not an escalator.", "I'm not a magician, Spock, just an old country doctor."

Scott – "I can't change the laws of physics.", "I'm sorry sir - that's about the best I can do and I guarantee it's not good enough."

Uhura – "Enterprise, Lieutenant Uhura here.", "Everything is quiet sir."

Sulu – "Captain, this is Sulu - we read you.", "We have volunteers standing by to beam down."


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